Helpful Sites for Writers

Do you write short fiction? Then this site is for you. They pay for accepted submissions!

Do you need to see when and where a word originated? Here's the site for you:

Got a grammar question? The Grammar Girl has you covered here:

Here's the link to an online Dictionary:

Here's the link to an online Thesaurus:

Sites for Free/Copyright Free Images:
This is the current way to find Microsoft Clip Art images online. Microsoft has now teamed up with the search engine, BING. Here are the steps to make sure the image you use is FREE/COPYRIGHT FREE

1. Type what you're searching for into the search box. I used the word, BABY. Below is what you'll see pop up:

2. You want to hover your curser over the word LICENSE and then click FREE TO SHARE AND USE COMMERCIALLY. I've used pink arrows in the screenshot below to show you where to find what I'm referring to:

3. After you click that option, the images available will change slightly. See the screenshot below:

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